2002 DK50c Shudder?

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Apr 18, 2014
Truckee, CA
KIoti DK50S
So I was driving the tractor and all of the sudden it started shuddering- not in the engine per sae, but the whole tractor was shaking like someone grabbing the side and shaking the vehicle. I stopped forward motion and the tractor itself was still shuddering. I dropped the box on the 3 point to the ground and it stopped- so I am thinking it had to be something with the hydraulics. I checked the backhoe adjustment pivot point on one of the side levers, and it wasn't in the backhoe position. It just started happening, and happens occasionally.... does anyone have any ideas on what it may be?
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How many hours on the tractor? What’s the service history on fluid and filter changes?
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1500 hours on a 2002 and fluids checked regularly (although I haven't checked them in the last 100 hours).
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Next time it happens, look on at the 3 pt and see what it is doing. I suspect it's bad seals on the 3 pt cylinder and the way the 3pt position control works is to try to compensate for any drop to maintain the preset height. When the seals go bad, the thing will start basically jump up and down very fast.
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Right guess is the three point bouncing I hear about not sure which machines though?
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Sounds like that's where to start