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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
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Digital Tach for tuning Stihl Chainsaw mini tachometer | eBay

Everyone said you need to make sure your saw is not running too lean and that one needs a tach to do it correctly.

The one above is actually over $40 but I bought the same one from Amazon for $20 with Prime shipping but was to lazy to log out so as not to show personal info. :)

It turned out the Stihl 361 was dead on idle wise and was OK on the high end but did hit 13,600 RPM but I did slow it down to about 13,200 RPM to be on the safe side and the engine did start to do a slight gurgle/motor boating but sawed just fine with no lost in power.

The 021 that I had bought new years ago was a different story. The idle was a tad high but the chain did not turn. 11,500 is the normal top end no load speed but it was only doing about 7,000 RPM so it really cuts much faster now.

For $20 it was worth it to make sure the saws were not too lean first of all then secondly not to rich.
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