injection pump

  1. NicholasII

    Suzue M1200 KE70 fuel injection pump issues

    Hi all, First of all, i'm very glad to have found such an active community discussing even the most niche of tractors :) I'm sure that with the help of you guys, any issue can be fixed. A little history on my little Suzue, i've bought it a couple of weeks ago. The previous owner told me it ran...
  2. nick1478

    JD 3010 serial number and injection pump help

    I'm new to the forum and new to this tractor so thank you for any help you may be able to give. I got this tractor from my father in law who said he was moving some dirt one day and the tractor just shut off and wouldn't restart. He had the low pressure pump and all the filters changed and no...
  3. D

    3930 ford injection pump

    1991 ford 3930 tractor (201 ci engine) injection pump cav 3238F880 - need new rotor head for pump, shaft is bad. No patrs supplier seem have this part. Looked for rebuildable 3238F880 - no luck! Have found a good cav3238F190 that came off a 4610 Ford tractor with a (201 ci engine) looks like a...
  4. J

    Case-ih 485 injection pump parts

    Hi everyone I recently added to my project list a pump rebuild on a 1985 case-ih 485. Project started as someone else's good idea and I'm left trying to get it to back together and running again. I either need a reasonably priced good used injection pump or a parts pump. Does anyone here know...
  5. P

    tractor - type Shibaura Model S-070 Compact Tractor, LE752A.

    Hi all, I would like to kindly ask if you might know where to get one broker part to my tractor - type Shibaura Model S-070 Compact Tractor, LE752A. I need injection pump because is KO. I guess these tractors were sold under the brand in Europe/US as New Holland as well but don´t know the...
  6. J

    MF 431 - Injection pump problem? - sat and then fires off to high rpm

    I think I know the answer to this, but wanted to see if there is anything else I should check. MF431, Perkins 1103, Delphi pump. Under 300 hours on tractor. Tractor sat, under cover, for several months this summer. Recently went to start it and it wouldn't fire off. Checked the cutoff...
  7. G

    How to remove farmtrac 45 injection pump.

    I just finished installation/replacement of the Bosch/mico inline injection pump, and I made a how to video to help those who may need it. The installation video will be up soon too.
  8. F

    Ford 3000 diesel 3cyl losing prime when sat

    Hi, I have a Ford 3000 3cyl diesel from 1967, UK build, with a Simms fuel pump priming problem. I've owned it around 2 years, and throughout that time found the fuel system will lose prime if it's not started for some time. Started once a week there's no problem, but at around 2-3 weeks between...
  9. S

    Cranks but won't start. Injection pump needs electrical power?

    This regards a TYM 550 that was running fine, then after sitting a couple weeks would crank but not fire at all. I replaced the fuel filter and bled it. The only thing I've found so far that seems suspicious is the lack of voltage on the single wire to the injection pump when the ignition is in...