You Know You Are Old When

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My wife & daughter are in Greece



and then off to Paris.

My little Mermaid. :)
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You know you are old when you remember waiting for monthly magazines to show up in the mail (Time, Life, Newsweek).
I kinda miss print magazines. Online subscriptions aren't the same, nor as convenient. Nice to be able to read articles outside on the lawnchair, on the throne, etc. Obviously, the material in news magazines was dated by the time you got it, but unless you're a hardcore news junkie (I'm not) it wasn't a big deal, and often a story was covered in greater depth.
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Christmas was great but I got yet another reminder that I’m getting old.

We had a bunch of younger nieces and nephews over Christmas Eve. I had Dean Martin and Bing Crosby Christmas songs going as background music.

My 18 year old niece asked “who is singing”?

I said “Bing Crosby, maybe the best singer ever”. She looks at me and says “who is that”.

OMG in their language.

After much discussion and and a brief survey, turns out NONE of the kids 18 or under had any clue whatsoever about Bing Crosby, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra. Not a clue.

I am getting old!!!
xI have been a travel nurse since 2010 working primarily Alaska and the Western United States. Working Phoenix one year I had a AHA and OH moment. Much of western Canada goes to the Phoenix area for the winter. There is oil there, money and they do not see any reason to stay frozen for the long winter. Seeing what brings the retired bunch to the ER runs like this: 1) They have fallen down, sometimes a spontanous fracture, if your foot is externally rotated there is a hip surgery to help with that; 2) They cannot void, men especially so due to the always growing prostate that is to large and squeezes off the urethra making you wish for someone like me. I can always pass a foley, years of doing it made a perfected technique; 3) I am having chest pain... yes it is a heart attack and the vessels need intervention; 4) Mom or Dad just seems so confused. If the onset is sudden cloudy urine is the clue that a urinary tract infection is likely. I will leave it with those broad categories. The glory of getting older is not so glorious, it is however a part of life. I am back in my home state of Michigan working locally and being a part of the family. I got a full dose of what is in my future. Making friends, being an asset to my community and then building relationships with the grandchildren is where I find value. The older grandsons drove the Mahindra 2565 to school during " Drive your tractor to School day" a fitting acknowledgement that working the ground is important. I am happy to see them gain skills, understand how to work and respect equipment.
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You know you are old if you ever made a wooden go cart with a rope steering control and drag stick brake.
Still have mine... built 3 of them and a trailer to "Tow" the small one with the Schwinn bike...

Age 8-13 were my creative years and then the Clinton minibike era.

The big one was a RV...