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My thinking was the shims to seat the spring and valve. No matter how much you shim the spring @ 800lbs. the spring is going to take 800lbs to start to open it. If the spring is Weak or soft the you loose lifting weight. Could drop to 600lbs.? I don't have that setup and I actually printed this in 2009. Things was really hard to come by for info then. If I did have it all digital on file I would have posted it. Scanned those pages
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Explain your reasoning?
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I believe adding shims will increase your pressure.
I agee.

Each shim compresses the spring slightly the force of a linear spring goes up (more or less) as a multiplier of the distance, so a small additional compression of the spring will have a defined impact on the system pressure. (Hooke's law)

While it is a little harder to adjust, using shims instead of a screw makes for a more stable and reliable relief system, and one not susceptible to vibration. (y)(y) for me for Yanmar's design.

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I guess the question is whether the shims go between the spring and the end cap, which would increase pressure on the spring.

Or, if shims go where the end cap seal washer is located, with more shims moving the cap farther from the ball which would decrease pressure.
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How many shims until you compress that spring that you basically dead head it. keep adding them until you do lift to much weight and you royally screw the lift up? The Hyd. Manual Clearly states to read the 240 Service manual. The bottom line is you add more shims you risk damage and the 240 Serv. Manual covers that.
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If I had it I would have posted it. What exactly does the YM240 Service Manual states the procedure is? That came from the Hyd. manual and it clearly states that. I don't have that setup on my YM2000 and it would be nice to know what #17 and photo252 is? How is yours setup curious? Do you recall? Weak spring metioned about it.
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Post #17 in this thread is showing a page out of the I & T manual covering the YM240. Paragraph 252 is showing on the attachment in post #17. My old 2002D had a completely different setup, however, one of the relief valves does use the same part number shims.
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See paragraph 245.
I can't check anything until tmrw, but I think you just provided exactly what I've been looking for. The other manuals I've looked at don't have that blow-up or description.
Much thx!