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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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I've been meaning to get around to posting these..... looks like today is the day. I was going to wait till spring when i got a fresh coat of paint on the loader, but due to requests from a couple other members, i'll post a few pics now. I came across this for sale on Ebay, and as though it were a message from heaven (much like my turf tires w/rims)..... it was less than two hours from my house ! Plenty close enough to spend part of a saturday going to pick it up. Someone out there.... maybe even here, wanted it almost as bad as i did. I paid too much for it, but what are the odds i'm going to find another loader for sale.... the RIGHT loader, and have it be that close to home?? And it was incredibly complete.... right down to every nut, bolt and washer. The only additional expese was having a couple new hydraulic lines made. The originals were with it.... i just couldn't seem to get them routed in such a way that they would be long enough.


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I'll start with a couple pics of the hydraulics. Easy enough as long as you have a manual handy. Remove the factory plugs from the top of the hydraulic block... insert one 1/4" headless pipe plug. Connect "out" to "in" on valve body. Connect "out" from valve body to hydraulic sump on left side of tranny. Connect "PBY" to "in" on valve block. This connects the loader in series, before the 3ph.


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The loader came with long narrow steel plates, which effectively double the front frame section of the tractor. Something i did not see with any of the aftermarket loaders i was looking to purchase. Needed? Maybe not. Nice insurance to have? You betcha !


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The actual install was easy. Everything lined up almost as though it were made for my tractor. Unfortunately.... it appears the loader had been sitting outside for the past fifteen years. My nice clean tractor looks fifteen years older just by the faded paint and surface rust. Perhaps this adds character ?? Anyway.... i'm hoping to have time to take it apart and give it some fresh paint this spring.


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I will also add that i really like the single lever control. I plan on a few additions to my loader in the future..... but that will be a future thread.

I must also publicly thank a member here.... Deanbro for his help. He was nice enough to take his time to photocopy, and mail me hard copies of the hydraulic hookups out of his owners manual. From the UK no less ! Without his help, and the photocopies he sent me..... i would have been up (the) creek without a paddle. I hope one day i can repay the favor !

I'd also like to thank MadReferee. I had plenty of questions about tapping into my hydraulics.... his answers i didn't initially understand, but after getting the pictures from Deanbro.... i understood completely. MadReferee is always quick to jump in whenever anyone on TBN has a hydraulics question/problem.
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P.S. It looks as though it will be a major chore to reinstall my Woods L59 belly mower. The entire framework for the loader will have to come off to put the belly mower back on. I'll most likely look for a rear mower. The belly mower is very adjustable, and should fit several other Yanmars. I'm open to a reasonable offer on it. I hate to see it hanging around my barn collecting dust.
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Sweet, looks great!

You lucky dog
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hmmmm....wonder how far New Hampshire is from Lolita, TX? :)

looks really good...congrats
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IMG_20170905_115308.jpgIMG_20170905_115308.jpgJust starting to complete plumbing connections for same loader . Which port does the allen head plug go in ( port In or out plug on block ) . I see where the PBY hose connects to the block . Please see attached pic and tell if this is the correct fitting that attaches to the PBY port on the control valve . When all the installations are completed does this still mean the hydraulic system continue operating in the center open position ?