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Dec 18, 2017
Newport News, VA
New Holland 3930
:confused:Ten or fifteen years ago I inherited my father's Yazoo S-24 big wheel mower. Heck of a machine. It dates from the mid 80's He used it on an acre house lot plus a variety of rough cutting tasks for a number of years before buying a riding mower. I continued to use it for some of the rough jobs not particularly suited to the rider like around the pond edge and the levee. Eventually it left MS came home with me to VA and I ran it for several years with only routine maintenance cutting four yards every week April through October. Eventually I had to reengine it. Blew two head gaskets in one season and the walbro down draft carb parts were unobtanium. Now the drive mechanism is well worn, no just plain worn out. I was able to find replacement drive gears and chain at Surplus Center. When I started looking for other parts like the friction ratchets (R&L)and friction spline drivers no luck. I have the owner's manual, with some version of part numbers, but the but the parts search on the internet led to nothing. I called Jacks small engine, they have the exploded views and parts lists but they could not cross it and talked to a few other folks still nothing. Southside Mower in Tallahasse was advertising (E Baying) some Yazoo parts but did not want to discuss anything not on the internet.

Any thoughts of someone who can help with parts? A lot of sentimental value in this old mower. May not be worth the cost of parts but....:confused: