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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
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Thought I might post this in case someone looking for a tiller. If in decent shape I would think a good buy. I'll guess it will sell by days end. Yanmar Tiller
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I am looking for one( locally ) at a reasonable price, although I think this early in the season used ones are bringing a premium price, This one seems to be a good deal if it weren't so far away,
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For the asking price and this time of Yr.if it was in Ga.. And in good Mech. working order. I can see a Bend in the end of Tines so they maybe in good shape. Should be available if they needed replaced? As for parts for a Rs1200 would probly be very Doubtful. Thats why I believe my Rs1400 sold so quickly and for my asking price. Which was a few hundred more. A Courier picked it up paying with Cash? All the body parts wasn't even on it and actually they were cut off. It did have a nice spray paint job though. :rolleyes:
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For the price, it's realistic. The unit looks a little beaten and was left out in the rain too often. Some TLC and it would be a nice accessory to own.