Yanmar log splitter

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Again showing my education is lacking never saw one of those thanks looks like a good one too! :D
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How many of you guys have seen a Yanmar log splitter?
I'll bet you are the first, at least on here.

I wonder if that was a Yanmar-USA dealer option. If so, the same splitter may have been sold under various American trademarks.
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Believe it or not....I see them on craigslist in the northeast quite a lot. My guess, like allof the other attachments, they were relabled from some other manufacturer.
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That's interesting Scotty wonder why?

fwtw The CL add lists that one as being a 20 ton I find that hard to believe on these 22-2500 psi pumps we have but I am not a hydraulics guy either.

My splitter I remade into a 3pt from a 20t tow behind last year and I think JJ figured it at 13-16t with my 2250 pump. I am just thinking out loud is all in case I ever run into one I guess. :laughing:
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i have a 14 ton splitter but i havent hooked it up to the 1500 yet, its only been 18 months....:rolleyes: and yes it does look well made.