Woods 1009 FEL bucket curl hydraulics repair

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Jun 10, 2005
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Seal is leaking out the cylinder where the rod goes in. I can buy a seal kit for $65 from Messicks, or I can replace the whole thing ($600+).

My choice should be easy, but after watching a bunch of videos mine seems to be different, though it came from the manufacturer.

It has a welded cap on one end, and simply a tiny flat spring like piece on the rod end. The videos all show the technician pulling the metal tab out, then turning a screwable end cap which mine doesn't have. Mine has just the metal tab.

If I pull the tab, will that then allow the seal to come out with the rod? And how do you fit the tab back in?

Just asking before I do it since it is new to me. Is this a simple repair or do I need to find a hydraulics shop?

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Here is a video explaining how to open a cylinder similar to yours. Hopefully it helps.

Not sure in the US, but in my country, I save a lot more money if I take the seals myself and go to an hydraulic shop and buy the seals individually. I can usually rebuild a similar sized cylinder for less than €30, while the seals kits will usually go over €60.

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It definitely gives me a direction on how the metal tab goes back in so thank you! If I can figure how to turn it out of the cylinder this might work.

That guy sure did have some nice tools in that shop.