Will My Tractor Lift This ?

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Feb 12, 2006
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My kingdom for a grapple.


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Be careful...you can bend the arms of the loader if you try to lift too much...
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Forks as opposed to a grapple will give you more lifting capacity with logs. You have a mighty large tree section. I am thinking "divide and conquer" that log with a chain saw.
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shouldn't be a problem,might want to cut it in half though !
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Going out on a limb here :D But I would have to say, "Just say no" :rolleyes:

I belive that monster would give any tractor a run for its money. Maybe if it can be cut into more manageable sizes :confused:

Make sure to keep extra weight in the back if you give it a try.
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Sure, you can lift that. Just be sure to drape the chain over the back of the bucket.

Helps with the center of gravity or something like that.:D
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I can't speak for your tractor, but I do know one thing for certain. I could slide my loader bucket under the middle of that log and promptly lift........the back wheels right up off the ground!

That is a pretty good sized chunk of lumber you got there. I think I could handle moving the sawdust as long as I could take it 1/4 yard at a time!
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No chance, you'd be lucky to drag that monster..
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