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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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To replace the old, deteriorating, sinking steps now at our porch door. So, I find a couple used granite slabs on Craigslist. One catch, I need to load them, and haul them myself. No problem...... I use a hefty come-along to drag them into my dump trailer.


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At the same time...... I'll repair the lattice work under the porch. Something I've been meaning to get to since we bought the place.

The granite slabs were five feet wide, and I needed to cut them down to four. I made cuts, and hammered and chiseled the steps down to four feet (gotta work with the tools you have at hand :().

I'm now doing 'test fit', and with them stacked in the back yard it looks like they will work just fine with a little fine tuning.


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Now I need some free advice from the landscapers and masons out there.

The bottom step is very rough on the bottom. Hopefully, my pics will show how much thicker it is on the right than the left...... and thicker in front than in back. This will be below grade, so its not a problem asthetically. I cannot just pour a pad to set the steps on........ and would like to know the best way to set the bottom step to minimize any shifting or sinking. Gravel? Stone dust?

My wife will be away this weekend, and I'd love to have the new steps in place when she gets home on Monday. And advice would be appreciated ! :confused:


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Very nice looking rocks. I love the look of granite steps.

As for setting them, Dig out the front more then the back and use DG (decomposed granite) and pack it down with a tamp. With a slab like that its weight will help limit the amount of movement in the winter. Thats not to say it won't move some, but with the DG under it it should help keep it stable.

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Big Job, but looking good.
You are replacing steps that were pretty heavy and appear to have been there a long time so I do not believe you should see much shifting or sinking with the new steps. I would use material the finer the better (easier to level the new steps). Do not disturb any more of the dirt under the steps than you have to, 3 inches or so will not hurt a thing, use a shovel.
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very nice granite. I wish I could find something like that around me.

I moved some very large rocks around my house with straps and set them on a compacted gravel base. They didn't really move this winter, and it did get a little cold. I know PA is south of you, but maybe a gravel base will work.

I get all my straps when I drive on Interstate 80 or 76, those tractor trailers are always losing them. I figure if they last 6 months who cares, they were free. I think I have about 9 left, and they are abour 15-25' long.
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When I was talking to Swenson's Granite about steps for my place, they strongly advised good quality gravel as a base (or concrete) but not stone dust. Something about moisture retention and frost heaving etc. Maybe try calling them or another dealer/installer? Good luck.