Why buy one?

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I can't figure it out either. I currently have two tractors and two pickups. Do I have an SxS? What is it?
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Side by side.

I dont know why, they are ridiculously expensive.

They do look fun, I would be in the market for a new kubota sidekick if they were 5 or 6k.

I think some people have legitimate uses for them, most are status symbols
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I really miss having my RTV900 that I traded in on the Toolcat. Tough little work vehicle that I used to help me in many chores like cutting trees, fencing, snow plowing, hauling,. It was just easier to use than a truck when you are in tight quarters.
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I think some people have legitimate uses for them, most are status symbols


Side-by-sides, or UTVs (utility vehicles) evolved from golf carts, which were convenient small cars you could drive around on large properties, carrying all sorts of stuff (golf clubs, etc.) and 2-4 people. They often provided some protection from the weather as well as small size and low cost. I used to see 3-wheel UTVs (Cushmans) driving around the community college next to one of my childhood homes back East.

Never to leave a good thing alone, some makers (and buyers) have gone nuts with UTVs that can cost over $50K these days. Some are quite sporty, like dune buggies, and some are almost tractors (Bobcat Toolcat). I don't really get it either. The Christmas tree farmer next to my property here mostly uses 25+ yo beater small pickups to fill his off-road needs, at substantially lower cost. Not much status with those.

My own dirt roads and trails are narrow, so I prefer ATVs (quads, and 3-wheelers before those).

I do have a UTV, of sorts, but it is a converted Suzuki Samurai 4x4 with dump bed.
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I'd love to have one, even with much, much less property than many of you have. My little tractor does a lot of things, but it moves slow since I have to stay in Low due to my hills. My two mowers will pull a small trailer, but not much of a load. My property isn't suited for driving even a small Ranger or S-10 type pickup around.

One of these would be perfect for carrying tools, filled sprayers, etc. around, but there's NO way I'm paying $5K or so for a glorified go kart. I didn't pay that for one of my current cars, and barely over that for the other. If I could find one in the 1,000 to 1,500 range, I'd probably have it.
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I have two and a truck and a tractor and I or one or both of my two 14 year old grands or the 8 year old grand or my wife use one of the RTVs daily. Not letting the 8 year old drive my L3901, wife doesn't want to drive it and mountain trails and yard to steep and grass to slick for 4wd Truck. Not going to walk over to the barn to get tractor to go get mail and not going to drive truck down ot mail box. Grands start driving RTVs at age 6 and not going to let them drive my truck.Recently aquired an ATV also but I will admit I don't need both RTVs. Bought the first RTV 8 years ago and second one a year ago and with new advances in ride quality I traded the 8 year old double row and got almost what I paid for it in trade toward the new improved RTVX1140 earlier this year.
Lots of things in life are never missed and never valued until you have one. It's always neat to stand across the fence and say he sure blows his money on wasteful stuff and I'd never need one of those riding mowers when my push mower has good sharp blades and keep the spinning blades sharp and no gas or oil to buy and how smart I am and how stupid he is. :D:laughing::cool2:
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NO Child should operate something like this.

Age 6? If it isn't already criminal (which is probably is), it should be.
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My wife and I have been discussing getting a side by side. The biggest reason her RA makes it hard for her to walk long distances and it would make it easier for her to get around the farm. Plus, it is easier for her to get on and off a SS verses climbing up and down off the tractor.
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I have a tractor( Kubota M6040 ) and a pickup ( "the" Taco Wagon ). I also have an ATV ( Polaris ATP ). ATP = all terrain pickup. I uses the Polaris to carry supplies needed to repair my mile and a half of barbed wire fence. The majority of my fence line is only accessible with the ATP. There are two locations where even the ATP can not go. I carry any needed supplies, by hand, to those locations. The ATP is also a quick, easy, cheap way to get the mail - mile long driveway. The ATP is often my go-to vehicle for many projects around the property.

A side by side would, in most cases, be able to replace my ATP. It would take some clearing of fallen trees and a tad more navigation. However - the added costs would not be offset by any greater abilities.

IE - bad weather. I simply wait for better wx.