Who is your ISP?

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Feb 10, 2011
I currently have Verizon DSL and I am happy with it. It is fast enough for me, reliable and reasonably priced. I would like to do away with my phone line so the DSL would have to go. Right now I am exploring my options. So who is your ISP?
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We use Embarq, now CenturyLink, DSL. It's good, faster than this hotel wireless I'm using right now.

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I love my Comcast Business Class Cable. Some places they rock, some places they suck. So if they're one of your options, talk to your neighbors and see what their experiences with the local office is.
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I'm stuck with Time Warner, only thing going out here now.
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We don't have cable here.
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We are too far from anywhere to have DSL at the ranch so installed Wild Blue Excede 12 mB and it works great. Have it connected to a Wi-Fi router so can use throughout the ranch house. House has metal roof so lose Wi-Fi signal about 100 ft. from house. Have to rely on AT&T 4G at shop and barns. We have looked at installing repeater at house but,all of our out buildings have metal roofs and siding so will not work.

Townhouse in Houston has AT&T DSL connected to Wi-Fi router.

Both work very well.

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I have the best internet available from a cable company,,, one gig, sub 4msec latency to core.
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"Have to rely on AT&T 4G at shop and barns."

Test this out for me :)

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I've got Telstra 'Bigpond" ADSL2. Works great and the company calls me up twice a year to see if there are any problems or if there's a better deal for me.

Couldn't be happier. :thumbsup:

(May not be available in your State, though.)