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Mar 1, 2012
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I just bought a used White FST-16 rider mower. Runs good except for one very annoying "feature"...there seems to be some sort of centrifugal brake in it that engages very abruptly when going down a slope. By "abruptly" I mean that it actually locks up the drive wheels so that I either skid down the slope, or if traction is good enough stops me cold. The guy I bought if from was not able to re-create the problem (his yard was fairly flat, mine anything but), but offered to give me my money back if it doesn't work out for me. I like the 4-wheel steering, but this overly aggressive brake is hard to live with.

Is there any adjustment for it? Unlike the previous MTD-built rider I had which had an external disc brake, this one seems internal to the transmission.
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You are right about it being an internal brake. There should be a castle nut on the lever on the transaxle with a cotter pin in it, pull the pin and back the nut off a half turn or so. install cotter pin and test it.
If you pull the lever off, there are two pins that push into activate the brake and they some times stick
so you may need to check and grease them up. Could also spray the assembly with wd 40 or something like it.
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