Which DPF cleaning additives use CeO2 or platinum FBCs .. ??

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Jul 21, 2012
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I'm trying to research a 'best DPF cleaning additive' and typing such into a search bar gets only the dry technological reports or mfgrs' bloated ad hyperbole.

Most companies don't say much about whether ferric oxide, cerium oxide or platinum are what's active in their product/info. CeO2 seems to be nearly as good as platinum and far above FeO2 in how quickly it acts. Wynns is one of the few that claims to include CeO2. Royal Purple might be hiding that detail somewhere if not on the label but I can't find it with casual research, only that their stuff is 'all that'. :rolleyes:

We're told these oxides are not destroyed by combustion as most organics are. Their mechanism is to lower the temp required to more thoroughly burn particulates in the DPF (say from 600 C to 400 C) As nanotechnology, their otherwise potentially abrasive qualities :eek: are said to be moot. (CeO2 has long been the standard grit in windshield buffing/polishing compounds.)

Youtube reviewers, like makers, make little mention if any about what's active in each product. Customer reviewers of most any DPF or turbo cleaner/regenerator claim benefits sans ingredient specifics. Such general subjectivity is rarely enough to reassure me. (IMO usually subject to one's level of autism. :laughing:)

This may or may not be a big deal to those of us with CUTs that see < 50 hrs/year on one tractor. I wonder if anyone has more specific info regarding 'which is what' in which product. "Steam distilled anaconda" isn't the kind of spec I'm searching for. t o g