Where to find plow parts?? Help!

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Sep 27, 2004
upstate South Carolina
Kubota M6800 4WD
I just bought a used plow and it was working great, until I snagged a buried rock. I was probably going a little fast but I never expected any big rock where I was. Unfortunately, my plow (Ford Model 10-216 two bottom) has no trip protection or shear pins. I broke the bolts attaching the share, bent the share, and broke two bolts in the frame itself, and bent the hitch pin. I needed new wear parts anyway, shares, shins, and landslides,so maybe this is a good time to rebuilt this, and a lesson learned

I have looked online with no success, although many threads say Ford parts are easily available. Being Sunday, I have not called a local dealer. Valu-Bilt's web site really doesn't lead me to these parts. Anybody have any ideas where to find these? I know Ford isn't in the tractor business anymore, but would the New Holland dealer be able to get these?
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Your BEST BET will be Valu-Bilt. Call 'em. They MIGHT be able to assist you over the phone. If not, have them send you a catalog. Parts and part#'s will be contained with-in.... The catalog is very handy to have around.

New Holland (the company) doesn't support many plow parts any longer, BUT, a GOOD New Holland dealer (or ANY other GOOD dealer) should be able to order aftermarket plow parts. Question is, will there be anyone working there that understands plow parts....?
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Thanks. I will call them today, and I ordered a catalog last night. I found a Ford three bottom trip plow recently, but I need to drive 80 miles to look at it. I expect plow damage is pretty common without and trip protection. It get a little rocky here. I am also still considering that old Deere plow that you identified recently, as the owner came down to $325.