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Little Red Tractor

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Apr 8, 2012
Gloversville NY
Kubota 2301
I've got a 6284 with about 350 hours. One of my front wheels has developed a leak. There's a bit of slop in the wheel when you lift it up, too. Anybody got an idea of how big a job that will be or know where there's a service guide on-line for it?
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Sounds like my wife, tractor kinda sorta. Not many hours or miles on her either but I swear she's developed a leak or two. You could say there's a bit of slop in the wheel there too. That would be the polite thing to say. It would probably be a big job to get her fixed up the way she was when I first got her. But I guess there's memories
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Hi, I lost the seal on my left front wheel (mine is a 7264, 2004 model), not a hard fix at all if you are handy. I ordered the parts (I ordered the bearings and the seal figured to replace it all while I had it apart)from my dealer, took it all apart. I went to my neighbor who is a farmer and he pressed the seals and bearings in for me, put it back together and it has been good to go. Maybe an hour of total time, but having a beer by the neighbor is timeless! :) Thanks, Matt