What's Next for California?

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Fifteen or so years ago. I had a real estate agent actually come out to my place. This was opposed to the crap mail I get from them. He had an aerial photo and he walked over most of the 80 acres. He said - "this is the only piece of property in all of Ea WA where you own all of such a large, deep lake". He was correct.

He wanted to know what I would be asking for the property. I had already told him I didn't want to sell. So I "pie in the sky'd it". I said 2.5 million. Without batting an eye he said - "We will easily get that amount. We can sell it to a buyer in California".

Now if I ever wanted to sell - which I do not. I would have to be well on my way to Mexico before the word got out regarding sales to a Californian.

If I were still here, I could expect a band of hooded guys, in the night, carrying torches and a rope. I would be found, sooner or later, hanging from one of my tall pines.