What trail camera do you like??

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Sep 27, 2004
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I'm thinking about buying a digital trail camera. What model would you recommend? Is the infra-red feature worthwhile? Which one should I buy?
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Read EddieWalkers thread on this. His camera seems really good. If you do some searches there are quite a few informative comments too.

I got a Moultrie 4.0 recently and it seems to work very well day or night. I don't have much experience though and relied heavily on the salesman at the hunting store for advice. (It's a "good" store with an honest reputation that has been open for ages so I feel the advice was fair).
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I've tried a few brands and really like the Stealthcam brand. My current game cam is a flash model. I tried an IR so that the flash wouldn't spook the animals, but I didn't care for the way the pictures looked. Nothing seems to mind the flash, and I've sat and watched them with my binoculars feeding with the flash going off, and they don't care.

I think the model number is 1590, or something like that. The 90 stands for how far the flash is good for, which is pretty impressive. Another feature that led me to chose this model is that it's 12 volts. My feeder runs off of a 12 volt battery that is kept charged with a solar cell charger. I wired my game camera up to the same battery, so that's why I wanted 12 volts. Otherwise, 6 volts would be fine, though I'd highly recommend going solar on keeping it charged. Running out of power just means you missed out on some pics that might have been interesting.

Mine sells for $99, which is pretty good. My brother bought a few that were cheaper, but they were pretty bad and he just threw them away. I know there are some that sell for allot more, but I don't see the advantage to paying any more. I get 300 to 800 pictures a week on my camera. Mostly it's birds and racoon's, but what I'm looking for are hogs and deer. I use it to track the hog activity and to know when it's a good time to either get up early or stay out late to hunt them.

Good luck, it's really allot of fun to see what's out there.



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When they first started to get popular the cuddeback was probably top of the line. Then moultre had a nice product, long batt life and good pics. This was probably 5 years ago. The newer products seem to all have their issues. This baffles me as to why noone can build a camera without so many issues.
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I have a moultre flash and ir camera. I like the flash pics better, but i am not sold on the flash not scaring away some game. I believe the BIG, older deer will not like a flash going off on them all the time. Most game will not care, but it has to scare off some.
The thing you have to look for is trigger speed and battery life(unless going solar). Big range of prices out there and variety of features. Also you need to consider if there is any chance of the camera being stolen so you can look at security feature(ir less noticable than flash, size of camera, how well does it blend in)
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I couldn't tell you how it rates compared to other game cameras, but I'm pleased with my Bushnell Trail Scout Pro Trail Scout Pro w/Night Vision Trail Cameras It seems to take considerably higher quality pictures than the last one I had.