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Mar 20, 2018
Northen Ontario
Now a L4060 had B2650
What oil are you using in your L4060 just wondering because i have 10w30 left over for my b2650 is that good for the l 4060 .Will i have to good whit other oil.
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As long as its CJ4 or CK4 It will be fine. Your new tractor requires these oils for the dpf.
I personally use a full synthetic CK4 5w40 oil
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I'd go with 10w-30 'dino' without hesitation esp for break-in and with your climate. By 100 hrs or so I might consider a 5W-30 if going to synthetic, perhaps a 5W-40 after 3k hrs. Really, the same with 'cheap stuff' if it makes API S'x' spec per the OM.

IMO frequency of oil change usually trumps choice of weight. Modern stuff doesn't always need 15W-40 with tighter tolerances or if low hours. $.02
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Currently using 5w30 Castrol synthetic bought from VW for TDIs. Plan to check online/locally for 0w30 M1 ESP for next changes for the 2025R and the Isuzu.

Your 10w30 should be fine if for diesels.

Switched to 0w30 M1 ESP the last change on the 2025R.
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The oil i have is the semi synthetic 10w30 from kubota .But you use other brand oil does it hurt your warrantte
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What oil in the tractor when we get the tractor
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My new trctor came with 10w-30 and the OM recommended it for my climate. (USDA zone 5)

I just buy motor oil and hydro from the NH dealer.

I also don't do annual oil changes with <30 hrs/yr on each tractor.
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My 0w30 M1 ESP from Advance Auto just came yesterday. Waiting for the OEM filter from Amazon.
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I'm running Kawasaki engines on my z turns I've always run Kawasaki oil but in the pass seams like I start getting oil consumption after 600 hours had couple going Thur half quart day I've already got 200 hours on one 350 on one thinking about switching to full synthetic mint of waiting to later or mint not need to anyway
Thought on the matter I've had people tell me 2000 hours and no problems