Well after 25 years I finally got a fuel tank.

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Sep 20, 2009
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While I do not have a photo of the tank it has good paint and is 61" long and 37" wide. The guy sold it as a 300 gallon tank but when I plugged the numbers into a calulator it came up more like 284 gallon so I guess that could be called a 300 gallon tank by the marketing folks. :)

It has great white paint on it with no signs of rust. He bought the tank from a local distributor who does drive past my house and he claims he gave $500 for the used tank. When he bought it there was a little watery fuel in it he stated so the distributor emptied it and poured in some gas and flushed it out.


This is the tank that matches mine less the stand which I did not want.

The guy had pulled a sample for me to see in a glass jar and it was trash free but did have a hazy to the gas color. We have not drained the tank yet but was able to pump out a couple more gallons with a lot of spitting and it came out clear of any trash so I think it may be a clean tank. Most hand pumps do not get out the last drop anyway.

GPI 50 Gal/100 Strokes Dual-Flo Hand Pump (HP-100-UL) | eBay

This is the pump the guy bought new back in the spring and it still looks new.

01A31GM Fuel Meter [3-30 GPM (10-100 LPM)] - $139.44 : GPI Meters!, The Art of E-commerce

I have no idea why for his personal use he paid for a flow meter but it is there and seems to work. There is a nice spin on NAPA filter after the meter.

He said there was about 40 foot of new hose and a new gas station looking filler nozzle with an lock open catch. There are three sections of hose and each is 14'+. He build a little rack for it using 4x4' treated lumber so it is 3.5" off the ground which I prefer at this point. The hand pump is very high volume it seems.

In a major ice store it would give me 12 days of run time for the generator if full. Every fall I store about 60 gallons and use it for mower gas next summer and that is a lot of lugging on my hips. Plastic containers are not that great in 100F degree weather. They had put a sealed gas cap on the tank that looks like a large radiator cap in one of the 2" holes on the top side.

I am guessing buying gas $1000+ a pop will feel strange. :D

He said he had about a $1000 in the set up and wanted $500. I took $420 and the trailer with me and we did the deal. He was a little slow to say yes until he saw the stack of 21 bills.

The fact the tank came from the distributor that I plan to use, looked great on the outside and if it has trash inside the filter stopped it totally made it worth $100 more to me. I will use my new oil filter opener and cut it open to see what I get. If that is clear I may not even mess with breaking the seal on the drain plug and add a little Sea Foam.

I will order pure gas only and this the only distributor that I know around that still handles it.
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