Welding helmet with LARGER window?

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Apr 21, 2012
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How important is a larger window? There are times I'd like more viewing area, but not sure if it's worth the extra $$. Which Auto-darkening helmet is a good value? I'd like to get a 2nd helmet so I can teach folks to weld (my way). Or, if I'm really lucky, someone who knows proper methods can teach me. Those are two good reasons to have two helmets around at all times.

I see reviews, where the guy didn't know he was supposed to leave his helmet in the daylight (to solar charge) then he's disappointed that the battery ran down. Some others have cheesy head band adjusters that break. Or hard to find replacement lenses.

Any recommendations on the best for the $$?
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Personally I don't notice a whole lot of difference with the larger viewing area.

Don't buy Optrel's. You can't replace batteries on them. At least not easily without ruining it. Bought one of the first ones from LWS and another one came with a welder recently. Both toast. :(

My LWS doesn't carry them any more for that reason. Thanks guys...

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I wouldn't own a large window hood! First is the cost of the clear lens.:thumbdown:
I used a Pipe liner hood for years, until the weight got to be too much for my neck. So now I'm back to a cardboard Huntsman, with the ArcOne auto lens.


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I kind of like something larger than the 2x4 window but how close it is to your eyes makes a difference too. If your lens is 2" from your face it doesn't matter how large it is you still can't see. If you get a hood that is adjustable and you adjust it, You can do anything with a smaller lens. For auto darkening I pay attention to how light the shade is when not welding. Some are shade 3 and some are 1.5. Makes a big difference. Kudos to SA for enduring the Fiberglass Helmet days.. Old pipeliners with the rubber strap headgear adjustment. Huntsman 910P or what ever they were. Made out of heavy gasket material. etc. The pics bring back a lot of old memories. lol.