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May 12, 2013
Anyone familiar with mounting 12 volt winches? I have a (12)Yamaha Rhino, and a Warn 3# winch, with very few instructions if any. Trying to find out where to mount the contactor and how to wire it. Form the small black and white pic. looks like it's mounted near the brake cylinder.
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My pics might suck a bit because it's parked in a dark garage. But here ya go.

20160423_185016 (1280x720).jpg

20160423_185032 (1280x720).jpg

20160423_185052 (1280x720).jpg
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I think I've still got the installation manual, can attach pics of specific information from that manual if you need it.
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Got my winch on today and it works, bought it in Sept 14, that might be called procrastinating, ducks not in a row or the stars not lining up.
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I think I've still got the installation manual, can attach pics of specific information from that manual if you need it.

Thanks but I have the generic Warm winch manual, it's just That when I bought the winch kit for my Rhino, I thought it would of come with better step by step instructions, the few small pics. it did have were terrible. I just needed to know where to put the contacter and where to splice into a hot wire for key on only operation. The place I bought the Rhino and winch is out of business, lucky another ATV place was open till 5, and the guy out there got me going in the ballpark direction.

Your pictures came out good, what year is yours, looks a little different then my 2012, I'll try to get some pics on here tomorrow of it, if I can remember how to make them small so they can be clicked on to make bigger, might have to email my daughter again.
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Mine is an 07.
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I started with the easy-ish instructions first, putting winch on was commonsense with one halfway descent pic. that came with mounting plate just some tricky dicky finger work with nuts and bolts, atleast the holes all line up.

When I bought the winch, told the guy I wanted all the mounting hardware, yup yup no problem, welllll, problem, the winch kit was a quick disconnect set up with a trailer hitch plate which is good IF it came with the receiver plate for the front and the winch could be left on, but the manual setup showed it the winch in front of the bumper, I want the winch behind the bumper, and the the manual shows DON'T drive UTV with with winch on because it could be damaged, really!! So last fall I bought another mounting plate to fit behind the bumper.

20160423_161714 by Heb.Ten37, on Flickr

20160423_162950 by Heb.Ten37, on Flickr

20160423_162137 by Heb.Ten37, on Flickr
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Now the hard part, where dose the contacter go, the small fuzzy pic that came with it was no help. The first thing to do is find the battery, find the cables that go from the battery to the contacter, usually those cables are 1-2' long, and that tell's where/how far away the contacter goes from the battery. The guy at the ATV place I called said he mounts it to the plastic battery case, just be careful not to drill to far, but didn't really like that idea and the bolts that came with the contacter was square U bolts so that would not work, I decided to mount it on the frame on top of the Vertical Post<sticks up 1/4" above frame, and that 1/4" V P keeps the light cable from being squish squash. Most of the frames have cable already tied on them, dont like moving existing cable either.

The next hard part was, where dose the switch wire into? The guy I called said he uses the hot wire from the ACC. socket, formally knowed 50 years ago as the cigarette lighter socket. The (switch plug in socket) instruction said to drill 7/8" and 2> 1/4'' hole's below the warning sign, that sounded good and there was plenty of room behind the dash.

Tip, a right angle Dewalt drill adapter came in handy for this and I drilled 2> 3/16 holes so the 2 small bolts would fit snug and stay there while I get those 2 small nuts on behind the dash, and after the 7/8 hole is drilled, I temporally set the socket in, then I took a 1/4 drill bit by hand and scored the mark where to drill the 3/16 holes, it's all down hill from there, this 8 hr. job I could do now do again in 2 or 3 hours, guess that's called a learning curve.

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All done
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This winch kit didn't come with a winch control holder, somewhat easy to make, very difficult to install, used two washer head wood screws, from behind. One slight miss-calculation, had all kinds of room for the sifter, didn't think to put it in gear before I screwed it in place, use the Rhino today, put it gear, ended up with about 2- 3 in. clearance. I'll go with that, sick of working on something that should of already came with a holder.