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Nov 24, 2012
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If there is a 12” snowfall, is there a problem after the first pass when only 50% of the blower width is being used on the second pass. One side of the tractor is close to the ground while the other side is riding on the snow...may be 4” or so higher.
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The 3 point that the blower is attached to will compensate for the small height difference while driving over snow. You will be fine.
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I have no problems like you are concerned with.

Blower will be flat on the ground even if the tractor is slightly tilted.

90" inverted blower

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Thank you for the feedback gentlemen.

great question, even if the snow is fairly deep it compacts and spreads under the wheel do the difference is nt as great as you might think. It is analogous to using a rear blade on snow and there the float in the hitch evens things out.