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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
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Hope this is ok here. I have done a little work on a rotary mower to sell for a widow friend of mine. It is now in good working condition. Tail wheel reworked, deck straightened and welded, blades sharpened. There is no sign of a tag on it any where. It is a 5 footer with a stump jumper. Original yellow paint. Anybody recognize the brand?? :confused: What would a mower like this sell for in your neck of the woods? Planning on putting it on the local Craigs list.

She also has an RS1200ST rotary tiller. Note it is original Kubota orange but it sure looks like a Yanmar tiller. Tags on it are very faded but I can not find the word Yanmar or Kubota anywhere. Any comments on correct brand?? I have hooked it up and turned it, everything sounds good. Fluid levels were good. It has 8 tines missing, the remaining are in good condition. Looks like close to $100 with bolts and shipping to replace those. May let the new owner do that, haven't decided, may give the buyer an option. I have the hinging guard and side guards off to straighten. Also the gauge wheel assembly is missing. This tiller has been abused. Planning on draining and putting in fresh gear oil. Having said all this, what would this sell for in your area with or without the complete set of tines?? :confused:

Wanting to do the best I can for her. :thumbsup: Will appreciate any input.


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I cant help you with brand names but the BH looks well built. I would set a $500 minimum for the mower as it appear to be in good shape after welding. Might get a lot more for it with a little power brushing and a coat of paint.
It looks like the tiller has been well used from looking at the wear on the blades. It also looks like the blade are free swinging with only one bolt holding them on. I've never seen a tiller like that, it almost looks like a flail mower.HAHAHa. I suppose it may have been made that way for super rocky soil. How well does it till? It did look like the bottom of the name plate has some Chinese or Korean writing on it so I would guess that it is one of the foreign imports rather than a USA made (or partial USA made) brand. No idea on the tiller, other than a new one would be close to $1300-1500 depending on the brand.
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Gary, thinks for the feedback. Actually, the tines are not worn that much. that is very close how they look when new. The one bolt is typical Yanmar. The tines fit pretty tight in a slot. I have not tilled with it but I have tilled with a Yanmar rs1300 and it does a super job. No reason this one wouldn't do the same with a full set of tines.
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I agree with Gary $400 or more for the hog and remember - A little putty, A little paint, will make it look what it aint.
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Brush hogs go pretty cheap here in Ohio. I agree that $400 is about right. Tillers are a different story. I've heard you could pick them up cheap, cheap only a few years ago, but the supply has dried up. Now they're hard to find (especially in the spring) and expensive when you can find them. More often than not, you find more Craigslist ads LOOKING for a tiller than ads of people selling them. Is that a 48" tiller? I expect you could easily get $1000 for it here and probably would want to start out asking $1200.

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Can't help on the tiller as, I haven't priced any new or used. That brush cutter looks heavy duty and should bring $400.00 easy. I paid about $500.00 for my med. duty cutter about 8 yrs ago. I'm sure they are much higher today
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In my neck of the woods here in Nashville, the bush hog would go for $650. BTW, the bush hog look like an older Country Line brand. That's the store brand of Tractor Supply Co.

The tiller would go for $1500 new. Used is anywhere from $800 to $900 out here.

If you price to sell, do a look first on Craigs list in your area and other CL near your area. It will tell what you can fetch for it all.
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I have listed them. The mower for $500. The tiller for $600 or $700 if they want me to put the tines on. Gear lube looked good in the tiller but I changed it, straightened and patched the sheet metal, took it down and tilled a spot. No reason to think the tiller won't be a good one. We will see what happens. Thanks for all your input. A picture of the tiller after finished sheet metal repair.

By the way, you might notice the color of the ground cover. Spring is almost here in East Texas. :cool2:


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I didn't get any hits on my Craigslist listings so I purchased the missing tines, painted both implements, relisted them one evening and both sold the next day. I guess clean up and fresh paint does make a difference. I got my asking price for both. Here is pictures after clean up.


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Nice turnaround on those Winston. I'm sure both you and your friend are pleased with the results.