Upgrading Hydraulics on 3930.

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Dec 18, 2017
Newport News, VA
New Holland 3930
My 3930 has a Quickie 310 loader hanging on the front. The source for the FEL hydraulics is a long hose from one of my rear remotes. I have the second 12 GPM hydraulic pump on the left rear of the engine. My ideal state is to have the two rear remotes available for equipment without having to drop the FEL with no long hoses to/from the loader. I'm new to the tractor hydraulics gig so ....Can I add a power beyond valve up near the pump or on a line going aft and have a little short hose less likely to get grabbed when working in the brush to supply the loader? My current hydraulic return is through another long hose through the top of the rear casting in one of the removable plugs . So where would I return Hydraulic fluid from the FEL if I added a power beyond valve? Again I would like to minimize hose length and vulnerability. Or do I just live with using one of my two rear remotes for the FEL and add a third or third and fourth rear remote? I know with enough money most anything is possible but I want to be reasonable in this effort. Also is this a do it yourself for a reasonably mechanical savy guy or is it pay the nice man job?
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Since you haven't gotten any response I'd try your question in the hydraulics forum. I'd try to help but I can barely fix my own crap.