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Jul 29, 2013
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My wife and I have no idea what it is or where we got it. Or who got it. The frame is brass and the scrapers are steel, hand filed.


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Stationary mounted duck plucker.
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Stationary mounted duck plucker.

Could be? My first thought was fish scaler but it seems a bit too fixed to work for that.

I saw a fish scaler at our dump free zone on Sunday. It was a small barrel on a axle with a turning handle. It had a door and holes all in it. The holes had been punctured from the outside so all the sharp edges were facing inward. The person dropping it off said they used to fill it with speckled perch and just turn the handle until they were all clean then wash it out.
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Hah. The references to food prep made me think of what it could be used for in the kitchen. After a few false starts I found this cococut grater.


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You might have found something. That's a lot of work for grating a coconut.
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Oh, that's a back scratcher. Ahhh, that's the spot, feels so good! :D