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Jul 31, 2021
Salmon, Idaho
TYM T233
I have a TYM T233, with the LT200 FEL. I’m getting ready to add a diverter valve to run a grapple. Max hydraulic pressure at the relief valve is 2500-psi.

Does any one know what thread type/size the stock tees, and nipples are?

I’d like to us hard lines as opposed to hoses as much as possible: Is there a good online source for hydraulic hard line tubing? Any alloy which is easier to shape and flare I should be looking for?
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jigs, I've got the LT200 on my 273; I bought my diverter valve from Kens bolt-on hooks and it works just fine. Was pretty much a plug-n-play install. I have 1/4" rubber lines running to the bucket end and have perfect speed and control. I found that ISO 7241 series "A" "poppet style" quick disconnects interchange with the Kwan Kwang 09 PT 3/8 that were originally on the system. Be well aware that a Gorilla did the install of the originals! It took me and a 6' cheater pipe to break loose the fittings!
You are going to need learn a completely new language when you go to purchase hydraulic fittings!
1/4" hose translates into (-5) fittings and there are a number of different (-#) fittings available!
I can't answer to the hard lines question as I simply went with rubber as it was far easier.
Good luck, Greg