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Dec 16, 2009
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Posted for years on TBN but first time in the rototiller forum. Just picked up an old Troy Bilt and have became frustrated in trying to identify hp and other things. I have found numerous sights with information but none seems to get me information I want. As you can see from pictures this tiller has lived outside. Tried following instructions in finding s/n and model number but still no luck The only tag that is legible is an aluminum tag which does identify the Tecumseh model number. (SBH 528) However, I can find no information about the horsepower of that engine. Anyone know?? Also on the tag is s/n 6089F. I am not sure whether that is a Tecumseh s/n or Troy Bilt. I am thinking this is the Junior model. I have the belt cover and tine cover removed in pictures but do have them in hand. Hopefully my pictures will show the extra forward speed pulleys. Don't think a belt has ever been on them and no way to shift the belt to those pulleys. Anyone have any comment or seen this before??

By the way, after removing and disassembling the carburetor, cleaning up, she fired right up and I did a small amount of tilling just testing. I''ll appreciate any knowledge here. :thumbsup:


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yep that's a pony with a 6 hp motor. You can also tell by the tine spread I think. Horses are 24" while the pony is smaller.
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So funny thing is the day after I wrote my response, I came across a Troy Bilt Horse on Craigslist. It is in ruff shape, having set outside were a dog pissed on it on one side. I offered the guy $50 and he accepted it. It has a 8hp Kohler with electric start. The Model is 12059 sn 120590304000, the Motor is M8ST spec 301609. A harbor freight 8 Horse is $250. Just the motor parts and battery is going to be almost that much. I'm debating if I should repair or replace the power-plant?