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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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Anyone else in the northeast get a good storm today? My friend sent me these pics tonight. Apparently he had an exciting day. Yes..... this is his house !


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Hi Ductape,
We had a pretty violent storm come through Vt about noon time on sunday. Strong winds and very heavy rain but it only lasted about a half hour.

Sorry to hear about your buddies misfortune, so much for having large trees that close to your home !
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Boy, that one tough house!
Any idea when it was built?

Thanks for the pics.
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The storm only lasted about fifteen minutes..... but i guess thats all it took. I recall us having a discussion about whos house was older, with him winning the contest by a few years. I'm thinking his house was built around 1880 or so. Talked to him today..... said the tree company was there within an hour ..... on a Sunday (!!!!!). It was around two grand to remove the tree, didn't sound bad considering it took a crane and a bucket truck (on a Sunday no less). Got the big blue roof till they can get a contractor in. Definitely could have been worse.
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Mornin Ductape,
Hopefully your buddy has got good homeowners insurance !!! That is a beautiful old home !
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If that had been a new home that tree could very well have gone all the way to ground level ... I'm surprised it did as little damage as it did. --- They sure built 'em right back when.
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Big as that branch is the damage is not that great. Lucky. I saw the results of a local microburst of some sort in July that hit Sharon MA: there was an entire neighborhood that was ripped apart with some pretty bad damage while a quarter mile away there was no hint of damage. We don't usually get that sort of localized wind damage here in New England. Cannot remember if there has ever been a tornado in the past 20 years or so. Last Sunday was just a front coming through in the early evening but the winds were up to 40 knots or so.