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Feb 28, 2005
Central Square, NY
I am considering replacing my 7K 20' tilt bed trailer with a 10-15K 20-22' tilt bed. The 7K always has done a great job. Just replaced all 4 rims, tires, brakes, bearings last fall. Since I bought a new tractor in Feb. I am now at the 7K trailers maximum capacity. Actually I am probably a little over with any attachments. I am considering the Kaufmann tilt bed 10K car trailer with wood deck. Anyone have one of these and what are the pro's and cons. The 10K is really all I need. Let me know your thoughts.

10,000 GVWR / 20 ft. Wood Floor Tilt Car Trailer - DELUXE - Kaufman Trailers
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like tractors go bigger than you think you'll need
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It doesn't list the weight of the trailer, so not sure what the maximum weight that you can haul would be.
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Seems really lite for a 14k trailer. My 22' is a little over 4k. My 20' 10k car hauler is 1800. CJ

The 2400 was the estimate from Kaufmann on the 10K tilt bed. My current 7K 20' tilt bed weighs 2450. My 16' dump trailer weighs 3300.
Kaufmann has not confirmed the unladen weight of either trailer to me as yet.
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i agree very lite. my 22 foot 10K car hauler is 2600
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i have a down2earth car hauler. i thought i had pics of just the trailer, but it appears i do not

also had a 17.5ft fatherlite 7K lbs it weighed 1400.
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24 hours and no Kaufmann owners have replied. Not a good sign.
Here's another Kaufmann option I could go for.

14,000 GVWR / 22 ft. Wood Tilt Equipment Trailer with Fixed Front Deck - Kaufman Trailers

Xfaxman, I was told the unladen weight is about 2400. A saleman will double check and get back to me.
I need a gooseneck, so this one from Kaufman is on my wish list. :thumbsup:
12-19-11 041 (Medium).jpg 12-19-11 011 (Medium).jpg 12-19-11 014 (Medium).jpg 12-19-11 028 (Medium).jpg

15K 15,000 GVWR / 24 ft. Equipment Tilt Gooseneck Trailer - DELUXE - Kaufman Trailers

Or 17K 17,000 GVWR / 24 ft. Equipment Tilt Gooseneck Trailer - DELUXE - Kaufman Trailers