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Junk. I have installed about 12 sets of four and each and every one has lost multiple covers. We even tried putting zip ties on the tabs that go over the lug nuts to snug them up but it did not work.

Best thing you can do is get everything cleaned up and painted with the wheels off then buy nice full lug nuts in stainless.

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Thanks for the reply Chris. I painted the wheels yesterday:D Before I had 1 white wheel and 3 silver. Now I have 4 silver. I am going to do the wheels on my little trailer next.

Have you ever tried these? Versa-Lok Trailer Hub Cover - 6 Lug - Dicor TAC655-CC - Wheel Accessories - Camping World

I'll look into some stainless wheel nuts and center caps. I was also thinking may be able to find some caps of some other kind of wheel for my trailer.
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Here are the wheels I painted.

Right now I am thinking about painting the hubs and getting stainless nuts.
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What you have looks great . Those hub covers will not stay on , BTDT .
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I've had no problem at all with these on my daily hauling trailer or my wife's horse trailer.

Here's a link.
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I've got those covers on our camper and stock trailer. Haven't had any problems with either of them. The stock trailer is a 2003 and the camper a 2009. The only thing is the finish on the stock trailer ones are starting to pit a bit. One of these days I need to paint the wheels and replace them on it....of course, I also need to paint the whole trailer.
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I noticed the Phoenix Quick trim covers seem to be popular on horse trailers. I wonder if the falling off issue has to do with the kind of wheel nuts on the trailer or theft? I was thinking if I got a set and the chrome started going away I could paint them. The paint I used to do the wheels can be used on plastic. I might just paint the hubs and see what that looks like for now.
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I have those on my flatbed gooseneck and I lost the two on the rear axle. I had custom center cap stickers made with my name on them so if anyone finds them, let me know :)

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I put covers over my trailers lug nuts. Wifey made the centers for them and keeps everything looking nice and clean. I bought mine at a local RV place for $15. each.