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Jul 15, 2018
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I have a Toro Timecutter zero turn mower and have a problem with gas evaporating from the carburetor bowl between starts. I keep the mower in an enclosed shop and it may be weeks between starts and i have to crank on the starter to fill the bowl. This engine has a vaccum operated fuel pump with a fuel filter upstream. Is it possible to get a fuel pump with a primer bulb built in? Or can I add a squeeze bulb primer inline? Thanks for your consideration of my questions.
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I've got a 4235, come spring after sitting for a few months over winter it will not start, won't even kick even tho it's turning over great. Rather than burning up the starter, I give it a shot of propane right down the carb throat, she'll start right up and start great every time after the initial spring start.
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There are several choices you can make on this. I never liked the squeeze bulb primer as they always seem to crack and then allow air into the system. I prefer this primer:

You will have to figure out how to get it plumed in. Perhaps a T-fitting in the fuel line ahead of the fuel pump and then another T-fitting next to the carb.

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Thanks Mikey and Richard! Gives me something to consider.
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Why not try an inline fuel shut off? If in fact your fuel evaporates in bowl, when the inlet drops and fuel can flow back to the tank. The little disc pumps won't stop a gradual backflow. This is dependent on the level of things and you didn't really say what Toro you had. Their ZTRs tend to draw fuel from the top of the fuel tank. Check that your choke is shutting as well.