TO35 Lift Problem

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Apr 3, 2024
I have a 1961 TO35 Massey SNM214597. My lift raises slow. It lifts the mower fine, just slow doing it. I drained the fluid which wasn’t very dirty. The magnets also weren’t very dirty. It did not have the filter. I refilled with the correct 80-90 mineral oil fluid. Still does the same thing. Can anyone give me any ideas on this? It would be greatly appreciated!
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You can pull top cover and air check cover and pump piston seals dont
Usually cause slow lift but will
Leak done get a it manual before pulling cover save you some time picture are great
Once cover is off put standpipe back in and air check with oil in so you can see where bubbles are
Coming from if comes out of middle rings are bad on pistons or broke
If it leaks out of tops of valve housings valve seats are bad
Could also be relief valve you can actually change those without pulling cover
There sell kits online for the pump
But you do need cut seats in valve housings or buy new ones
If relief valve is not sticking you can leave it been working on them for forty years so if need some help just message me