TO35 hydraulic problem

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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
Bobcat CT235
Lift will maintain any setting with big load as long as engine speed is somewhat above idle. Problem is the lift will go down in seconds when clutch pushed in or engine killed. I pulled side covers and observed when turning key off there was no fluid leaking out of the lift piston so I pretty much eliminated that. I pulled the pump/control valve and pretty much disassembled, cleaned and put back together. I know the relief valve is not stuck open so pretty much eliminated that. The valves in the pump showed considerable wear but my understanding of how it works tells me that would not affect the quick descent. The control valve is just metal to metal, no o-ring or seal to replace. Seemed to be pretty close tolerance. Not claiming I fully understand this beast so that is why I am here seeking advice.

Do not believe standpipe or standpipe O-rings are leaking either. Replaced both of them.
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