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Dec 16, 2009
gilmer tx
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Trying to help my neighbor. His TN70A pto engagement lever will move far enough to engage the pto which is just a small part of the travel the lever should have. Of course it will not stay in gear with no more movement than that and he doesn't want to try running it by holding it in gear. I can see the lever moves a cable that goes down to the transmission. The lever itself does not seem to be binding. I believe it is on the other end of that cable where something is stopping it. His tractor has a monster belly pan under there so no way to really see what might be happening in there. I tried browsing the on line parts manual but didn't see anything that helped. Hoping maybe someone has run into this problem before.
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What was he doing with the tractor before the problem started? Is it throwing a code? From your description, perhaps some foreign material has jammed itself between the belly pan and the cable thus shortening the length and causing premature engagement. I think you must drop that pan to see what is going on. I have a TN85A I use and the PTO engages fairly soon after I move the lever, but I can continue to move it until it locks.
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I don't have any more details and know nothing much about the tractor. So, does this tractor have a code read out? I do know that belly pan would be a monster to drop. I am hoping that something being lodged in there is the problem and not something mechanical. Thanks for your reply. I am trying to get up enough courage to take a closer look.

Did a little more looking at the tractor. I was able to trace that cable. It goes to a pto clutch arm in the tractor clutch housing. I could not see any foreign matter blocking movement. I was able to get a bar on the lever and while pushing on that and the pto lever there was still something inside the clutch housing that is a muck. Did not want to push and pull to the point of breaking something so returned the tractor to him with my opinion it would likely have to be split. I am doubting this will happen any time soon but when it does or whatever happens to solve the problem I will get back here with the conclusion.
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