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Sep 17, 2013
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Other than that cheap Carlisle brand that rots out too soon, what other 2WD front tire and tube makes are reliable, durable and long lasting?

From word-of-mouth, the Alliance 303 has an awesome following. But, for my size, it's sold-out everywhere or it's now 3X the price. I can find 6.00-14 all day long though. ugh. This brand is owned by Yokohama.

I looked into the Firestones as Harvey began his company making rubber tractor tires. The cost for one is $20 more than the Hemi Quad cab tires at $188 each.

Also didn't want tires and tubes made in China. Those see a life of 1 or 2 years for the tube and maybe 5 years for the tire.

Came across BKT selling Ag tires here. They are India based. India has good rubber resources. Ever see a new Mahindra or Mitsubishi with the tires looking so fresh and the smell will tickle your noise because it's just that potent.

So, anyone here with experience owning BKT tires?


Kit of 2 (TWO) 5-15 6 Ply 82A6 - BKT TF-8181 All Season Tires -

As the saying goes, anyone ever kick those tires before?

I really need to know .