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Since I went from mowing with a 757 to my 2520 with R4's last season, I'm on a mission to get a better ride while mowing.

I'm going to try the 50% reduction of tire pressures.

My manual states max pressures (R4):

Front 35psi
Rear 30psi

So I'll try 18 in the front and 15 in the rear. Also, my rears are loaded.

I'm not real confident that it will make a huge difference being the R4's have such stiff sidewalls, but going to give it a try.

The downside risk of course is that you roll a tire off a rim, which could be very sudden and BAD especially if it is the down side front when you're on a side slope.

I doubt that 18 or even 15 would be an issue though - - Please report back, as soon as you reasonably can.
If we don't hear from you again I shall assume the worst.
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I'll be setting the tractor up for mowing today including setting the tire pressure - looks like I will be doing my first mowing this Thursday.

Will report back after this weeks trial.
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I just checked my tire pressure (first time since it came back from the dealer after the 50 hour service). The fronts were at 25 and the back tires were at 35 psi! No wonder it felt stiff. I'm going to try about 15 rear and 20 front and see how it feels on the grass.

No rush about it though. It snowed this weekend. :laughing:
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Well, I kind of chickened out for the time being.....

I'm embarrassed to say that this is the first time I've checked the tire pressure on my tractor in the 4+ years I've had it. This is odd because I've been through a couple zero-turns, and the first thing I do with them is get my tire pressure where I want it.

Anyway, I have:

24psi front
18psi rear

The max in the manual is:

35psi front
30psi rear

I was going to go for 50% of the max. My rears are almost there @ 18psi, and since there are loaded I don't want to mess with them.

For the fronts - I do a mix of mowing and loader work in the summer. For what loader work I do I've never had my front tires sag the slightest bit. If I lower the front pressure, I would have to be airing them back up every time I use the loader.

So....I'll live with as I have. Now I'm trying to justify the price of that Michigan seat!