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Apr 21, 2012
Cascade Mtns of WA state
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I don't know where this bucket came from, it seems much more worn than the excavator.
I can't imagine this little excavator being able to wear out a bucket.

Is it better to buildup weld? Or weld on a tapered shim?




Also gotta fix a crack.




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My KX121 mini x had similar wear. I had a friend who is a welder build up a bead along the worn part and it should be good for quite some time to come.
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Hey Sodo, haven't heard from you in awhile. Did you go off the grid?

That does look like ALOT of wear. Please post your fixes.
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Hey Sodo, haven't heard from you in awhile. Did you go off the grid?

I post more when off the grid.:drink:
Main problem is I bought a fixer house. But its time for some diggin' (at the house).:thumbsup:

My KX121 mini x had similar wear.

At how many hours? I'm at 1400 hrs.
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Hey Sodo. I asked my friend Matt the resident expert bucket rebuilder his opinion. This is what he replied after seeing your photos:

"Stick weld only. Grade of material is generally T100. Find an equivalent welding rod. To keep consistency and the center diameters measure pin-to-pin and the diameter on an excavator. Make up a template that you can use to confirm you're not changing the geometry so that the bridal and wedge do not work cohesively.

I favor a welding rod called 110 18"

Good luck

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What's T100? Is MIG (ER-70) too hard for contact, wearing out the other part?
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"Never use wire feed in an impact area.
E70 is 70000
110 is 110000
There are different impact values and wire but generally come in a flux core application. We have tried the wire before and it always failed

There is higher nickel content in higher tensile strength giving it better impact values. And you don't want it too hard or it wears out the bosses on the bridal system."
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The material it's made from seems really soft.


After grooving it (for re-welding that crack) I gave it a love-tap with a 6-lb sledge, just to see if it was "possible" to bend it. I hit it once (the test-hit) and it bent like butter (closed a little).

Isn't A500 only 45,000 psi? Seems like I'd want to replace the metal with "similar". 100 & 110 are much harder....??? :anyone:
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Sodo, what is that right angle crack in the bottom of the hook? There may be a big flaw in the casting (assuming this is a cast or forged part). I would explore that also; it may be the root of the next failure. Grind, it out and fill it in first. Agree with others; this is not a good candidate for mig. You definitely want this part to be softer or same hardness than the pin it engages.

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Can't imagine what would crack it, the metal is soft. (other than it rattles so much cuz it's loose)?

So I made some little 'bearing shells' out of 1 x 1/4" flat bar.
Curved it to the 2" hole with the Hydraulic press.


Tapered shell with angle grinder.


Welded them in, and ground off the weld.


Finished. Much tighter now. When it was loose, it was ovalizing the attach pin.
Now that it's tight, it doesn't load the attach pin.



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