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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
I've got a 2008 DX45 (TC45 equivalent). The throttle lever needs adjusting as it won't hold at higher RPM's. When you throttle up to 2500 rpm it slowly starts dropping down to about 1500 RPM's. Is there some type of tension plate that needs adjusted or tightened? Any help on where to start appreciated.

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Jeremy, you have to take off your cowling on the right side below the dash. You remove the two bolts in the center under the steering wheel, then raise the hood and remove two on the firewall. There are three similar bolts on the firewall, but only the bottom two need to be removed. The top one holds the instrument panel cowling in place.

Once you remove the cowling with the ignition switch. You will see the bottom of the throttle lever and pivot point. The nut at the pivot point needs to be tightened. You can use some Loctite type thread sealant or find another nut and lock it in position by double-nutting the bolt. I tightened mine with nothing added over 8 years ago and it is still fine, so tightening may be all you need.
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Your a wealth of information on this site Jim. I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Thank you very much.

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Finally got around to fixing this today. My tractor is a cab model and was actually a little easier than Jim mentioned.

On the cab model, there was no need to open the hood or remove ignition switch. The lower plastic panel on the right side (inside of cab) was the only thing that needed to be removed. Required removal of 3 phillips screws on the lower panel and one flat screw that held the fuse cover in place.

Once the screws were removed, the panel can be removed leaving the ignition switch in place. You may need to loosen the screws on the left side panel.

Here's the nut Jim mentioned. Required an 11/16 ratchet.

Thanks again for the help Jim.
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Jeremy, that's all quite different from the non-cab models as far as the panel removal goes. I'm glad it was easy, and I'm sure you are glad to have a firm accelerator lever.:thumbsup:
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Yep - I can stop stuffing paper towels between the plastic to hold it in place now. :D Had I known it was going to be a 10 min fix I would have done it a long time ago.