Thoughts on this for food plot?

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I have 80 acres - all natural. No food plots. I'm having trouble with the turkeys. Not enough coyotes to keep these damn birds in check. They are everywhere and are the equal of a wild hog. They dig, root, rip, tear - the lawns suffer from them all summer long.

I've even tried eating one of them. Strong in flavor - tough as old shoe leather. The very last thing I need to do is encourage the turkeys. Be careful what you wish for - CMV.

The deer - both white tail and mule - they are doing just fine. They are a joy to watch and don't bother nor damage anything.
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I created a "food plot" this spring and didn't even realize it. I have a 3/4 acre meadow out by my inner gate. As soon as the ground started drying out - I began to mow the meadow. I keep the meadow grass about 3" high. The deer really love it.