Thinking about dust control for the spring

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Apr 12, 2011
. A year or two ago I paved our 1300 foot driveway and that has obviously cut down on the dust dramatically. At the end of my driveway I still have about 1300 feet of dirt / gravel road before I'm back on pavement. I have a 30 gallon tank and a carrier that it can go in behind my tractor. I was looking at the bar sprayer attachment an Tractor Supply. It seems like it would spray a 5-6' wide path, so a couple times back and forth and I would be able to cover the width of the road. I'm wondering what fluid would be best to spray.. and what would not clog the spray nozzles.. our town uses magnesium chloride on all its dirt roads here and it seems to work well. Anyone else have options ?
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There are numerous ones out there that all contain mag-chloride. It is the industry standard. Your sprayer will spray it, but remember to flush the tank and pump out after use. It can also be found in pellet form as de-icer.

However you can use asphalt millings to top dress or cover the last portion and treat with CSS1H oil. Yes it gets sticky until it cures but will make you drive dust free and very durable after a few years of treatment. CSS1H is an emulsified oil and can be placed with a sprayer. It will coat the inside of the sprayer though. You can also contract this out too. Call around to you local roadway contractors for the sources.
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I have just spread those flakes with a shovel, it worked fine keeping the dust down but I wouldn't want to do 1300' like that. A simple broadcast lawn spreader vs. wetting, mixing & spraying??:confused3: I think they also make a beet juice for dust.