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To each his own opinion....

But you could get short bed trucks or long bed trucks 40 years ago, just like today. And they can haul just as much if not more than a 1980's truck.

Modern trucks have more power, better brakes, better handling, can tow more, haul more, etc etc.

And they all rust out just the same as in the 1980s....if anything the newer ones have less rust after 10years.

You don't like the styling....and I get that. Because that's an opinion. But the FACT is that today's trucks are WAY more capable. And they don't give you a freaking workout just to drive them.

Oh, and I also remember one of the most popular accessories on a truck 30-40 years ago was a running board. Maybe you just don't like the fact that the MFG decided to integrate it?

Personally, I don't miss changing tires every 20k, rough riding log wagons, repacking bearings every 10k, and doing spark plugs and ignition tune ups ever 20-25k, rebuilding front ends every 40k.....and all for a truck that's shot at 100k.

No thanks....I'll take my modern truck
Curiously, The Toyota Tacoma is a very lose match to a classic 80s Ford F-100 in dimensions and capabilities.

I miss the bench seats...
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After a 6-pack you could run the stove.
I haven't had a six pack of beer in one sitting in years. Normal for me is one and done. But..... I still have the occasion where I wonder if I'm ever gonna finish
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Jim Abbott threw a no hitter for the Yankees 30 years ago today. That’s a pretty special day for a pitcher but not that rare in baseball. What was unique was Abbott was born without his right hand.

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Given her party has led this country through 11 of the last 15 years, how does she explain the cause of this?
I wouldn't necessarily say "most" but for sure a lot of Americans live beyond their means, even some with 6 figure incomes. The more you make the more you spend.

Both parties are equally to blame for the financial mess we're in. Irresponsible in different ways perhaps, but irresponsible none the less. Lot easier to kick the can down the road than to do any meaningful reform.
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If you want to know how long it takes for money to double at a given interest rate, divide that number into 72.

For example, at 6% interest, it takes 12 years for money to double. That's 72 divided by 6 that equals 12. It's called, oddly enough, The Rule of 72.
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You can store opened paint cans for quite a while and not have them harden, skin over or go bad. It's easy.

When I open a quart can of paint to spray, I punch some holes around the rim of the can so paint can drip back into the can after pouring. After pouring the paint I need, I wipe that groove pretty clean, tap the lid back on securely and then store the can upside down. That's the secret.

That way, no air can get into the can to allow the thinners in the paint to evaporate and dry out. It's that easy, I do it all the time and have done it for 15 years.

In fact, I just finished painting a ripper blade (rebuild thread soon) with John Deere semi-gloss "soft" black paint. This was from a partially used quart can that I opened 10 years ago. It went on perfect, dried perfect and no problems.

This has other uses and I've finally convinced my wife to store unused homemade spaghetti sauce upside town in jars to make it last a couple days longer. Guacamole in a plastic container won't turn brown if you turn upside down and slap the container on the counter to force guac around the inside edge. Things like that.
So, take your time, clean the rim and have your way with the remainder of paint in the can whenever you get around to it.

EDIT-photo is a ripper shank I painted two days ago with paint from a partially used can stored upside down around 10 years ago. Maybe 12.IMG_3819.jpg

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Never heard of storing a paint can upside down. How long do you have to let it sit right side up before re-opening it? Sounds messy.
I will put rope caulking in the groove at the top of a can when I'm using to prevent paint from building up in it. Helps seal better.
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I've heard the following tip from many professional painters and it seems to hold true, especially for house paint....

No matter what you do, and this is the important part, by the next time you need that paint, 'someone' will change their mind and want a different color. ;)