Tell us something we don’t know.

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Confusus say:

"Man with two compasses never know which is correct"

Actually he clarified later, and said he carries two in case he loses one.
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Astronomy turned out to be my favorite class in college, I took it because I needed a science elective. The universe is fascinating and shows just how insignificant we are on planet earth. It made the little light go off in my head and brought together all the stuff I learned in college. So glad I took it in my final semester of under grad classes.

I was amazed that if light from space travels through a prism, it gives little black lines signifying different types of gasses. These lines never change for each gas. I mean, how did someone discover that? Who just looks into space through a prism and spends enough time doing it to see patterns.

In Wyoming, it's dark with no light pollution. With a little bit of knowledge and a good telescope...Its fun to star gaze.

There is a spectrophotometer downstairs . It's a P-E Model 552, UV-VIS NIR instrument.
It's the only one in the neighborhood ;-)
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Only a very small percentage of all the life forms that have existed on earth are alive today.
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No matter which direction one points a telescope, One always looks BACK in time. Objects and events seen are from a previous moment. And the objects themselves may not even exist at this moment.
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Electricity does not travel in wires, it travels in waves outside of them. The actual flow of electrons inside the conductor is very slow.


“…, electrical energy does not travel though the wire as sound travels through air but instead always travels in the space outside of the wires. This is because electric energy is composed of electric and magnetic fields which are created by the moving electrons, but which exist in the space surrounding the wires.”
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The light emitted by a firefly (pale green) is nearly a match to the human photopic light sensitivity response curve..
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The human body can contain up to 9 pounds of bacteria.