TC45D - No Mid PTO?

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Troy: saw your response and had a side question. I have just bought a TC35, FEL, and 5' cutter after much research. I have quite a bit of hilly ground (24 ac) and a long steep drive in north Idaho. Obviously one of the prime work issues is snow removal.

To my question. I haven't used a FEL before in snow but what I presume is that using a blade with the FEL would be the way to go. I was thinking that using them in tandem would be the best, depending on snow depth.

Any advice?

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Dieselpower, whats the use for the other speed on the rear PTO? My tractor has 2 PTO shafts on the back. The higher speed PTO has a different spline configuration so they can't get mixed up. I have yet to see an implement that uses anything other then 540 RPM but there are occacsions where I think using the higher speed PTO at reduced engine RPM to give me 540 RPM would be great such as running a pump or generator. Rat
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Hi, Rat,

Little late here, sorry. You must have a Case tractor (2 PTO shafts). The other one is 1000 RPM, right? My TN90F has 2 speed capability, but I have to change shafts.

To keep folks from borrowing it and because it had a higher tip speed, I bought my 7 ft Bushhog with a 1000 RPM gearbox. She's a hoss!

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I’m going say that it was an option for all the TC45 and below.

Here are some pictures of a TC45 with a mid mount mower that was listed on TractorHouse in the last couple of years.


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