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Sep 4, 2007
Near Portland, Oregon
New Holland TC33D, LT4000
Hello all!

I'm well into my 1st week of tractor ownership, and I still have almost no seat time. It is driving me nuts having to see it sitting there when I get in my rig and head off to work in the morning. I don't get home generally until after dark, and I really don't want to learn how to drive a tractor in the dark.

The repair manual on CD has already proven worthwhile, as I now have a new parking brake assembly on order from NH as of this morning. The old one must have caught on something and been broken off, or something, because just a piece of it is hanging down under the tractor.

The hour meter still doesn't work, but I'm trying to find time to dig into that. I'm fairly certain that when the ignition switch was changed out, the hour meter simply wasn't hooked up properly.

I checked out some of the filters and fluids on it before heading into work this morning. The outer air filter was very dirty, so I'm just going to replace both of them. I bought the tractor from the owner's son, so couldn't talk to the owner about it.

On the plus side, the HST fluid + filter look brand new, with just a smidgen of dust on the filter casing. I seriously doubt the previous owner would have taken the time to wash the HST filter, and combined with the brand new looking oil, I'm going to assume it was changed very recently.

The engine oil filter is charcoal colored, so it is hard to tell just by looking at it how old it might be, but I didn't see any oil, dirt, grease, etc., on it. Also, the engine oil has that look that oil gets when you've changed it in the last 300 miles on a car (a few dark particles suspended, but overall new looking), so once again, I'm assuming it was changed very recently.

Writing this, I just recalled I forgot to get a new fuel filter. Dang!

Looking closely at the engine, the alternator looks brand new, and the battery is sealed, so it obviously isn't stock.

My plan is get all the maintenance done tomorrow, and put in some good seat time on Saturday.

At some point I need to get the tires filled, but I figured that can wait for a little while. I got quoted $300+ dollars from the NH dealer, and $180 from the Mahindra dealer (40 miles away).

Question on filters: Do these cross to NAPA\Autozone\Schucks filters easily? The New Holland dealer doesn't exactly have good prices on these.

I do know I can get synthetic oils at the auto parts stores for cheaper than regular oils at the NH dealer.

Here's a few pics of the TC33D (plus a few other pictures of my property).
TC33D Pictures - a photoset on Flickr
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-Some- of the NH #'s will cross.

many times you can use the agricultural vehicle application chart at Fram or napa online to get crossover part numbers... While I buy most of my filters from the dealer, i did cross mine over to napa just to see what the price difference was. Only about 3/4 of my filters crossed to napa#'s.. my fuel and hyd filters did not cross. Only engine oil, and air did. Price on the engine oil, and 2 air filters was within dolalrs of the dealer filters so i opted to go with all dealer filters ... He's got to stay in business too.. and it doesn't hurt that the dealer knows that you buy maintenance parts from him when you have to call up the shop to get tech support / ask a question, or need a pickup/shop work.

good luck and keep us updated

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Must be a pretty bad storm system we have in right now, because it keeps raining buckets. I haven't even tried pulling the tarp off the tractor. It isn't supposed to stop raining until next Monday.

I'll post results once I get them.


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it's been dry her in florida for weeks. So i decided to haul out a feew hundred pounds of chix feed and clean out all my coops this am.. got it all done.. cam in and poof.. it's like a tropical storm outside.. bower and phone lines going out and all... go figure..

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BigE, hope you got some tractor time today. We were spared the worst part of the recent storm. The Olympics shelter Whidbey when the storms come from the southwest.
I helped a neighbor clean up about an acre of slash from a clearcut. Drive in circles with a landscape rake then boxblade it smooth. Some more landscape rake tomorrow and fertilize. I do love cruise control. :D

These are the filters I buy at NAPA for my 03 33D.
Fuel Filter 33264
Hydraulic 57098
Oil Filter 51056
Transmission Filter 57088

You could also shop Messicks online. Prices are reasonable and shipping is prompt. Buy filters in pairs cause the more you do, the more you need them. ;)
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I've actually found for my machines that the New Holland filters are less expensive than Wix or Fram in many cases.

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Ditto... I've priced oil and air filters for my NH and there is not much but pennies difference between napa and CNH. ( fram DID have a cheaper oil filter.. ).. hy hyd filters didn't cross to napa.. etc..

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Greetings from down-under (Australia) fello Boomer owners !
I have a TC33 with 650 hrs and many of the usual problems, battery in bad position, broken handbrake cable (soldered it back togehter 250 hrs ago, still okay, blown oil cooler hose-what a mess ! and now, the starter problem.
thank god for this forum, digital cameras and colour printers.
I note BigE's refence to a repair manual on cd. A hard copy workshop manual here is high $200, what is the story on the cd ?
A friendly warning, regualrly check your' oil cooler hoses (the little bent ones) for perishing or splits. I was climbing a hill and lost 10 litres of trans oil in a 100 metres or so. Still cleaning oil out of everything as the radiator fan circulated it very well.

TC33D, slasher, grader blade, carryall, ripper, trailer & Walker mower.
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My local NH dealer had the repair manual for $95 (US) on CD. I checked online, and NH Tech Pubs wanted $260 for the same CD.