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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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While Swisher is located to the ajoining state I really never learned about them (they are 65 years old) until last week and I see like with most venders there is the typical love/hate web posts about this company as well. :D

After a lot of reading we purchased a Swisher ZT2760B that the owner purchased new in May of this year from MowersDirect.com when his Sears store could not get the model for him. After putting 27 hours on it he went and bought a $10K ZT version from Kabota which he still has.

It seems the Swisher ZT2760BP (new PRO series) has the new seat with shocks, etc that should ride better I guess. While our old 60" ride behind Toro had solid front tires I am not sure I will like what the owner had done to the front tires on this Swisher. He went to the CO-OP store and for $50 ($25 each) they filled them with foam to make them soild "never flat" tires. They can still be compress just a little but not like if they had 15 PSI I am sure. He did have rocky soil so maybe flats are more of an issue. We do have some thorn trees however.

The past owner paid about $5K I see with the enclosed paper work but that does include a second set of new belts. Northern Tool sells it for $4K but I do not know the their shipping cost.

I just hope they are not CHEAP for a reason. :D

If interested I know there are still some sub $2K 2006-2007 versions of this mower on Craigslist that I talked with. One has 125 hours (2007?) in Otwell, IN (Evansville IN craigslist) who cut his price without my asking and only texting to $1500. Jackson TN craiglist has a 2006 (200? hours) I think the guy said when he returned my call when I was going to pick ours up yesterday and he cut to $2K without me asking so I expect high teens would catch this one.

I started to go with a smaller Gravely that was 8+ years old and half the price but the guy was selling it because he had purchased a larger ZT style because of his steep slopes to get better tractionl. The 1742 Gravely would spin on the high side on slopes. This Swisher we got is more like 900 pounds but I think that is shipping weight so not sure about the ZT2760B on the ground.

Now with the tractor/bushhog an hour will more than be enough time to cut what we mow and in summers like this that was once a month. The son is wanting to try to make some money mowing (not that hard if one just has to buy the gas) and has been jumping up and down for ZT mowerl when the 20 year old Snapper still worked. :)

Those with Swisher products do you deal with dealer or factory for parts?
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I have a 60 inch pull behind finish mower and a postmaster trimmer both made by Swisher. Belts and bearings have been my only needs and I get them locally at Motion Industries. Pleased with both units for what I needed them for.
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Thanks Bill. I just got off the phone with customer support and the guy was really nice. I was not really sure what year it was but learned since the serial number stated out L110- that it was a 2010 model. If it had been a 2009 then it would have started L109-

I do most of my own work and it looks like the Swisher is simple enough to take apart. As you have confirmed the parts are mostly on the open market. The seat on their new Pro series retails for $850 but he said there are after market options that will bolt on since most makers get the seats from third party sources.
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After getting a couple hours of seat time today I think I want a different seat due to the fact most of my spine has fused on its on over the years due to Ankylosing Spondylitis. At the end of the two hours I had the hang of the controls but the bouncing is starting to register by my body.

I would like the one Swisher puts on their PRO-SERIES of the same mower but it retails for $850 which is over a third of the purchasing price I paid.

Any one with the name of a super mower seat that takes out the big bumps?


It turns out this High Michigan seat is the one that Swisher actually uses on their new PRO-SERIES zeros. NT has it for over $500 less :)

If you own anything with a seat on it please read the reviews. It seems to be the OEM seat on several mowers. Bolt hold pattern is 11.25" W X 11" front to back which is standard for many it seems.
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You will love that seat, I had a hard time justifying the seat in my head. But my wife got it for me :) I can now go full tilt. BTW it bolted right up to my grasshopper.
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OKnewguy the $319+ Michigan High Back tractor seat is AWESOME. The price seems high but if someone stole my seat I would shell out again. :)

It being the very same seat Swisher uses on the PRO-SERIES it bolted right on BUT now I have to mow standing up. :D

The mower would die when I started the blades UNLESS I was NOT in the seat. I swung back around to where my tools were and swapped out the seat switches and I could mow setting down. :laughing:

Seriously if any one is unhappy with your seat go to NH website and read the reviews. They really are not BS after having my butt parked on this awesome seat. My daughter likes it set on 100 pounds, the son 150 and 220 works best for me. :)