Success! 3pt wood splitter is running again!

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Rich B1

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Jan 28, 2017
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This thread probably could go in any of 3 different forums. Attachments, Build it yourself, or hydraulics. Figure this is as good as any.

When I bought my NH TC21D last winter from an estate, it didn't have rear remote. But that was OK, still had my old Allis B with rear remotes to use with the wood splitter (Speeco 3pt splitter). Yea, not the fastest way to do it, but convenient height (saves the back) and I had a routine that allowed me to multi task while the cylinder retracted. It worked for me.

Like 2 weeks after I got the TC21, had someone show up cash in hand wanting the Allis. Sold!

Then sticker shock of the rear remote kit from NH hit me. I will do it myself......except for the amount of unexpected business travel has left me precious little time. But with a valve from Surplus Center, some fittings and hoses, and a homemade bracket for the valve.....I had rear remote, and I didn't spend $1100!

So now that I have thoroughly bored everyone......

Have a big pile of cut logs waiting so tonight it was time to start splitting. SUCCESS! The Speeco splitter works just like it did before, except it is a bit faster. So guess I need to pick up the pace on stacking and retrieving the next log. Made a nice dent at the one end of the pile. And didn't spend that much time actually splitting. I think I am going to like this new combination for splitting wood.
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Enjoy it now. Soon you will want a 4-way splitting wedge, log lift, and elevator.
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There is a universal rule of internet posting:

Pictures... or it didn't happen. We need to see this claimed tractor, the supposed log splitter as well as this rumored pile of split logs.