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Jul 21, 2012
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Two things on my mind regarding site use/access:

1) Often times I want to subscribe to a post that has already included what I would have suggested, or just to see how a situation played out without bulking it up with attaboys.

Here's what I discovered by accident: I posted, then completely deleted a response using 'edit'. I got notifications of further responses to the thread (btw, I had guessed right but retracted, .. and batt cables had been reversed unbeknownst to the OP)

2) Since then, I've also discovered that Windows' 'disk cleanup' is where some cached or offline file* is deleted and lacking it TBN's servers lose track of one's subscriptions and/or on revisiting a thread they're led to the first post vs picking up just after the last entry they visited.
(*info/file, NOT a cookie, and stored by user vs on a site's servers)

Perhaps one of our tech guys (Aaron?) could explain which file(s) to retain during MS's 'cleanup' so we can tidy-up our own systems without losing our place(s). (I lose my stuff from PM's site* simultaneously this way, so it's surely from the 'user act' vs a perceivable site issue.)
(*also VB-based)

I suspect others have discovered the latter of these tidbits and wondered how or why. Can we make lemonade out of this? tog
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Or you could just hit the subscribe to thread button.
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+1 on what 4570Man says. Click on "Thread Tools" on the top right black bar then click "Subscribe to this Thread". Click on on the next window that comes up. Done deal.
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Yup, you can easily subscribe under the thread tools button. You can even go to your control panel and make different folders to sort your subscriptions into so it's easier to find them later.
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Thanks guys. 1) So I won't need a hack & could have just asked for the 'option sequence' I hadn't found. :duh:

2) Now, about that 'oops' of deleting too much when doing MS 'disk cleanup' .... and btw this is one thread I haven't got notification of. (..yet .. ~18 hrs) I stumbled back here thinking 'no responses yet' meant I might as well not have asked.

btw, meanwhile, I'll continue to delete ~9 out of 10 typed responses without ever posting them :laughing::laughing: ... uh 'cuz you folks don't need me as much as I need you... And if I figure out how to preserve my TBN data I'll share. tog (jon)